Kate Lister

Yoga ~ Music ~ Story

Yoga is at the heart of everything Kate lives for. Through music, voice, storytelling and yoga practices, she explores and shares her learnings about what it is to be human.

Kate believes wholeheartedly in the transformative effect of self-study through sound, breath and movement and travels the world over to spread the word.



2014 – qualified as a teacher
2014 – swore she didn’t want to actually teach yoga, and that the training was about personal
2014 – started teaching yoga to friends in Seattle, where she was living at the time
2014 – left Seattle to tour with her band in Europe, still adamant that she didn’t want to be a yoga teacher
May 2020 – racing around to teach at ungodly hours of the morning, travelling all over the world to lead retreats, wellness events, many incredible people, lots of Pret porridge, osteopath and massage appointments and too many instagram stories.