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Why real-world touch matters in VR…

💡 Why should we care about real-world, analogue, physical interaction in Virtual Reality? 💡

1 - our hands do not behave anything like traditional VR controllers. So touching actual things - see the wooden box in the photo here, well mapped into a virtual environment for the VR wearer - really helps bring spatial builds to life.

2 - Haptics also really struggle to mimic the complexity of the real world. At OmBeond we know about some of the many pinch points here.

3 - so much of human experience is conveyed through touch, and yet this critical sense is often entirely neglected in production pipelines. Accommodating intuitive, physical touch within a 3D virtual environment is one way to avoid all that awful, jarring stuff like needing to press a tiny button in order to pick up a piece of virtual fruit so you can throw it at a bad guy using a trigger you can't reach.

AI and the Creative industries: a new symposium

Our upcoming 'AI in the Immersive Industries' symposium will:

* be a highly engaging, cross-sector event
* bring together stakeholders ranging from producers to academia
* will seek to lay down practical frameworks to benefit the wider Immersive and XR industry in its use of AI

If you're interested in attending this free event, please complete the expression of interest below: